Wednesday January 30th 2008, 9:16 pm
Mixin’ With the Morning Pages
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This edition of our “Mixin’ With” series features one of our very favorite bands, New York’s the Morning Pages. We caught them just before heading back into the studio to record their first full length record. Their EP was released last year on Zealous Records and featured the standout track “It Makes Me Cry” with guest vocals from the finest sister pair in music today, The Pierces. The Tripwire described the Morning Pages with such accuracy that I dare not attempt to top them. They said “the sound that these guys got onto tape comes from the mighty heavens. It’s like American Beauty fucked Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris while cheating on The Band’s version of ‘I Shall Be Released’.” Check out their mixtape and a video featuring “It Makes Me Cry” below.


Top 15 (10 just ain’t enough) Songs to Ramble, Walk, or otherwise Locomote to:

1. The Allman Brothers- ‘Ramblin’ Man’ (Reminds me of riding in the car with my dad when I was a kid)
2. Bad Religion- ‘Walk Away’ (Loved ’em in High School–I’ve always thought this would make a great Country song)
3. The Band- ‘Look Out Cleveland ‘ (This is the song that really got me into the Band’s self-titled record–heard while playing Big Buck Hunter at some bar in the East Village)
4. Bob Dylan- ‘One More Cup of Coffee’ (Bob = #1)
5. Bob Marley- ‘Keep on Moving’ (Bob = #1)
6. Bonnie Prince Billy- ‘Ease Down the Road’ (I love the line “I duly tried to light a fire upon his rightful booty”!)
7. Eric Clapton- ‘Walkin’ Down the Road’ (I’ve been listening to this whole record a lot lately–461 Ocean Blvd.)
8. The Flying Burrito Brothers- ‘Train Song’ (Possibly the best rhyming of “girl” and “world” in all of music history–and it’s FUNKY!!)
9. The Grateful Dead- ‘Ramble on Rose’ (Europe ’72, baby. If you don’t have it, get it.)
10. Hank Williams- ‘Ramblin’ Man’ (This is where it all comes from. I like to cover this one a lot.)
11. The Highwaymen- ‘Highwayman’ (Willie!! Kris!! Waylon!! Johnny!! Jesus Christ!!!)
12. JJ Cale- ‘Travelin’ Light’ (JJ Cale is the funkiest low-key dude in the universe. I love it when he breathes into the mic.)
13. Neil Young- ‘Walk On’ (“Then the money was not so good, but we still did the best we could.” Neil, my man.)
14. Peter Tosh- ‘(You Gotta Walk) Don’t Look Back’ (Featuring Mick Jagger–a pretty strange collaboration. In the video Mick is writhing around like a ponce and Peter doesn’t seem to know quite what to do with him. Great tune though.)
15. Waylon Jennings- ‘I’m A Ramblin’ Man’ (Waylon is the King of my Universe)
16. Willie Nelson- ‘On the Road Again’ (“Insisting that the world keep turning our way.” Willie, thank you for being you. That’s 16! Tricked you.)

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i just discovered When You Awake and can’t believe what I’ve been missing thank you!
But could you reload this link?–it doesn’t seem to work now.

Comment by Lindy 12.15.09 @ 1:59 am

Agreed….can you please reload this one?

Comment by Keith 01.15.10 @ 12:55 pm

Just when I thought I’d looked at all the mixtapes……Could you please reload this link again? Thanks.

Comment by Patrick 12.30.10 @ 5:21 am

oh my god this playlist looks heavenly
upload again please?

Comment by annaleigh 02.18.11 @ 5:11 pm

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