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A Chat With The Ditty Bops
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With soft vocals and a playful theatrical style, The Ditty Bops (Abby DeWald and Amanda Barret), play the perfect musical blend of bluegrass, folk, blues, and western swing. A fan since hearing “Short Stacks” years ago, I find myself in awe of this humble duo. Besides being amazing musicians, DeWald and Barret are environmental pioneers and friends to farm animals far and wide. Touring only on bicycle, they performed with the likes of Neil Young, The Allman Brothers Band, and Willie Nelson at last year’s Farm Aid and are behind the nonprofit organization You And I Save The World and the Plastic Reduction Petition.

The Ditty Bops were gracious enough to answer to some last minute questions before their sold out performances Saturday and Sunday night at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica. They promise to play in LA again soon though for those who didn’t get tickets!

YouTube Preview ImageThe Ditty Bops- Wishful Thinking

A Couple of Questions with The Ditty Bops:

When You Awake: For those who don’t know, can you describe your nonprofit organization “You and I save the World”?
Ditty Bops: We’re trying to get folks to reduce the amount of plastic they consume. We want people to bring their own bags to the store. It’s not about paper or plastic, it’s about bringing reusable bags again and again. We think the EPA should implement a national plastic tax on single-use plastic bags. Please sign our petition and help us reach our goal of 5,000 signatures:

WYA: I find it amazing that you did an entire tour going from city to city on bicycles. How much did you carry with you on your adventure? 
DB: Lots of energy bars and water!

WYA: Of all the farm animals you encountered on your tour, what was your favorite?
DB:Goats for sure. They made the best audience! 

WYA: I’m sure you also encountered a variety of people as well. How has the tour affected your opinion of people in general?
DB: Good question. I found that there was an abundance of kindness amongst the many strangers that we met. People were really excited to ride with us for parts of the journey and people we stayed with and played for were very hospitable and supportive. 

WYA: You were the newcomers of Farm Aid 2007, a festival that included Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and the Allman Brothers Band among many others. Did you all hang out? How was the experience overall?
DB: We did get to meet a few of the performers. It was great to see some of the farmers we had met along the way on our farm tour at Farm Aid speaking out about the issues facing family farmers today.

WYA: Amanda, you learned to Juggle and Eat Fire, still practice those skills? any plan to use them in a show?
DB: I’ve juggled in some shows, but the fire eating is still too scary for me. 

WYA: As fellow L. A residents, what’s your favorite thing about living here?
DB: We have the ocean, the hills, the sun, the city and great weather all year long. Love it! 

WYA: I’m looking forward to your new record, “Summer Rains,” coming out in March. What should we expect from your new album? Any particular influences or personal experiences unique to this album?
DB: This is our first independent release. We worked again with Mitchell Froom – our producer- and we’ve done special pop up packaging for it that we’re really excited about.

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