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Dylan Goes Twang: A When You Awake Mixtape
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For this week’s When You Awake Mixtape, we decided to throw together some of our favorite Bob Dylan covers. From live show jams (My Morning Jacket and the Rolling Thunder Reborn Band which features members of the Pierces, Albert Hammond Jr.s Band, the Morning Pages and the Blues Explosion) and studio recordings (The Byrds and Glen Campbell) to duets (Johnny Cash and June Carter) and the bizarre (Jeff Buckley calling into a radio station and singing over the phone), we hope that you enjoy the many different approaches that these artists take in tackling Bobby D. Did we miss any good ones? Let us know in the comments!

Dylan Goes Twang: A When You Awake Mixtape (alternate link)

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Nice mix-up of old and new. Thanks.

Comment by W 10.09.08 @ 10:12 am

Looks like a great mix… part one and part two. I just stumbled on these pages now, though and the zShare links seem to have expired. Any chance you could re-up them to a different service, please?

Comment by rickv 11.24.08 @ 12:46 pm

Can you upload both Twangs on Sendspace
or Rapidshare?
Zhare does not work
I’ve been trying for a week already

Comment by donny 11.27.08 @ 4:24 am

Thanks por uploading the files again.
Great stuff

Comment by donny 12.16.08 @ 12:02 pm

Good one, (though, you’ve got to admit, doing the Dylan mixes isn’t too hard!) Thanks. W.

Comment by W 01.14.09 @ 7:51 pm

[…] by The Beatles, Van Morrison, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Taj Mahal and more. Be sure to check out Part One, Part Two and Part Three if you missed […]

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[Graah, I hate it when I submit typos, even if it’s just a surplus apostrophe. That’s the trauma one gets from proofreading :-S ]

Comment by Tom 10.03.10 @ 4:15 am

missed the first volume and both links are not working (anymore)


Comment by Antonio 10.30.10 @ 5:06 pm

part I is no longer available on Mediafire. Would LOVE to hear it.

Comment by J Booth 08.05.11 @ 3:25 pm

Love the blog, thanks a million for what you’re doing!!! If you could upload Dylan Part 1 again that would be just great! Same for Stones:) Thank you again!

Comment by Andrey 09.15.11 @ 9:10 am

Love what you are doing. But damn I just wanna buy all these boots…. How?

Comment by sheri 11.04.11 @ 6:40 pm

Oh man! Please re-post this… sounds amAzing.


Comment by Alyssa 09.13.12 @ 12:20 pm

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