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Shakin’ and Bakin’ With Whiskey Cherries
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“I’ll even learn to like the taste of Whiskey”. Your sweetheart sure will when you whip them up a jar of Whiskey Cherries! Mix them into your favorite drink or even try baking them into an apple pie or atop some ice cream and you will be singing the praises of these sweet little things (with a kick of course). They are supposed to sit for at least 6 months to fully achieve that perfert whiskey-enhanced flavor, but what a delightful treat come winter! And who said that March is too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts?

Whiskey Cherries
Yields 6 jars

What you will need:
1 canning kettle
6 canning jars
5 pints sweet cherries, stems removed
750 ml cheap whiskey

1. Fill canning kettle with water and bring to a boil.

2. Turn jars upside down and immerse them on the kettle’s rack.

3. Pull jars out of the hot-water bath (use tongs or a dish towel) and fill with washed, unpitted sweet cherries.

4. Pack each jar to the rim with cherries, leaving a bit of airspace.

5. Pour whiskey into each jar, also to the rim, leaving some space at the top.

6. Place canning jar lids over jar openings and screw rings tightly around lids.

7. Allow jars to cool by setting them on a dry towel away from drafts. (Cold air can crack the jars, since they are still very hot.)

8. Once the jars reach room temperature, store in a dark, cool place for at least six months. (They’ll keep for years.)

9. Serve over ice cream, to accompany chocolates, or in a Manhattan for your favorite farmer boy.

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