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For The Trees: A When You Awake Mixtape
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After my friend Brandon sent me a Steve Young record with the track ‘Magnolias’, I was so inspired by the song that I knew my next mixtape had to be on the subject of trees. From the sad, lonesome songs about Weeping Willows to the memories of growing up in the south surrounded by the Oaks and Magnolias, trees are quite prevalent in country music and through the use of the different species, can provide some very beautiful, yet contrasting emotions and imagery. Did I miss any good tree songs? Let me know after the jump!

Mixin’ With The Trees

1. Steve Young- Magnolias
2. The Byrds- Hickory Wind
3. Bob Dylan- Apple Suckling Tree
4. Bill Monroe- Weeping Willow Tree
5. Merle Haggard- Shade Tree (Fix-It Man)
6. Gene Autry- They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree
7. Prairie Ramblers- Shady Grove
8. Black Crowes- Cypress Tree
9. Van Morrison- Redwood Tree
10. Henson Cargill- Talk Oak Tree

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A Day in the Life of a Tree – Beach Boys.

An ecology song, but also doubles as a metaphor for Brian Wilson’s fate at the hands of the other Beach Boys and the music industry as a whole.

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