Tuesday April 15th 2008, 12:34 am
Mixin’ With Alana Amram and the Rough Gems
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Continuing on last month’s “Movin” theme, the queen of NYC country music, Alana Amram, has given us her very own mixtape of songs to listen to while riding on the back of a motorcycle. So get ready to rev up those engines and fly down the highway as Alana guides you on her own personal trip. And…for the first time ever….we are actually offering it to download.

Top 10 Songs To Listen To While Riding On the Back of a Motorcycle:

1. Rolling Stones- ‘She’s a Rainbow’ – (Makes me think of the first day out on the road in spring. This song is glamorous and romantic!)
2. Townes Van Zandt- ‘Pancho & Lefty’- (This song is the sound of every great Western movie you’ve ever loved and probably shares the same plot.)
3. Chris Spedding- ‘Motorbikin’ ‘- (This is the perfect song for aggressive driving in a tunnel, complete with killer sound effects.)
4. Hawkwind- ‘Silver Machine’- (I always imagine a dark night with blurry road lines. Its like trucker speed in a song form or being awake for days.)
5. Billy Jo Shaver- ‘Willie the Wandering Gypsy’- (Waylon Jennings sings this and says “Moving is the closest thing to being free.” Classic! The production feels like hot dusty summer.)
6. Vince Martin & Fred Neil- ‘Morning Dew’ – (One of the greatest duets of all time! One of the best songs ever! This song is for sunrise.)
7. Spirit- ‘Morning Will Come’ – (This song is inspiring at any hour, but riding with some foxy dude through a new city makes it even more terrific!)
8 .Dead Moon- ‘Dead Moon Night ‘ – (This song is dark, pissed off and describes a maniacal death ride on the road to nowhere.)
9. Bob Seger- ‘Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man’- (Don’t mess with him. May be a car commercial already. That always sucks. Some Zeppelin is ruined for me right now because all I can think of are SUV’s in the mud.)
10. James Gang- ‘Walk Away’ – (Sleazy but sleek riff. I want to take a ride with Joe Walsh, young Joe Walsh.)

YouTube Preview ImageAlana Amram- Painted Lady

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