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Mixin’ With Biirdie
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Jared Flamm, of Los Angeles based group Biirdie, has given us his “Guide to the Greatest” Mixtape. It features tunes by Will Oldham, JJ Cale and David Crosby alongside Parisian wah-wah guitar playing gardeners and Black folk singers turned street preachers. You can catch Biirdie tonight at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles where they are opening for husband and wife duo Mates of State. They also recently appeared on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic. Check out the mixtape and some footage from their KCRW performance after the jump. Interesting side note: in addition to his lead singer duties in Biirdie, Jared also dabbles in the business side of music and is currently managing Akron/ Family


Biirdie’s Guide to the Greatest:

1. Jimmy Buffet- “Brand New Country Star”
“He’s a hot roman candle from the Texas Panhandle…he can either go country
or pop.” Sounds familiar. JB must have hopped into his time machine before he wrote this in 1974. Awesome JB yodel at the outro.

2. Chris Darrow- “Cocaine Lil”
Darrow is a Claremont, California, native. Still lives there today. Founded
Kaleidoscope with David Lindley in the late 60s. Jimmy Page called that band
“his favorite of all time.” They once backed Leonard Cohen on record. On “So
Long Marianne!” Since then, Darrow’s played with everyone. He practically
lived at The Troubadour in the 70s. Here he is singing about cocaine dogs,
cats and rats. Great honkey-tonk piano on this boogie track from his more
Stones-y Artist Proof solo album. Great backing vocals on this track too.

3. Jerry Moore- “Drugged”
Black folk singer turned street preacher goes electric on this seven-minute
epic. This is about as good of a lost “groovy-high” jam as you can find.
From his first and maybe only album, Life Is A Constant Journey Home.
“Ballad of Birmingham” opens the album. That song is taken from the Dudley
Randall poem of the same name.

4. Don Cavalli- “Wandering Wanderer”
Cavalli is a Parisian wah-wah guitar-playing gardener. This sweet soul big
big world ballad is from his Cryland album. Talkin’ bout a wandering
wanderer who has got no home and is bound to be alone… forsaken and
forgotten. So sad. The dub bit in the middle is a nice surprise.

5. Relatively Clean Rivers – “Easy Ride”
This song is from one of my favorite albums but originally it wasn’t on my
tape. Not on purpose, but only cause I didn’t think of it. But I heard Gary
Louris perform it at Topanga Days last weekend. Now it’s on it. This is from
RCR’ incredible self-titled record from 1975. It is a very California
record. If this album is on at your pool party or when you’re sitting in
your teepee with friends – heads will most likely think that it is The Dead.
There’s some heavy Jerry-inspired guitar runs on this song and record.

6. David Crosby – “Cowboy Movie”
I love movies. I love Cros. This is a nice companion to “Drugged.”

7. JJ Cale- “Clyde”
This song is about a dog that plays electric bass. He plays it with finesse
and grace. The tambourine is tied to his tail. I love the bit where the
tambourine enters the song.

8. Herman Dune- “Lovers Are Waterproof”
The best. Legends. For realz.

9. Will Oldham- “The Greatest”
Speaking of legends – I found a way to get Kells on this tape. Thanks BPB!

10. Warren Zevon- “Desperados Under the Eaves” 
Def have a Zevon song on this mix action. Always. He is my fave. My whole
mix tape could be his 1976 self-titled album. I’d leave off “Join ME in LA”
to meet the ten song When You Awake criteria. “Desperados” closes the album. And it is the last song on this tape. Jackson Browne produced it. “Heaven
help the one who leaves.…” Oh, there is also an amazing bootleg from around
this time. A Dutch radio show where JB comes out in the middle. Jackson
Browne not Jimmy Buffet. I think it’s called The Offender Meets the
Pretender. Nice.

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