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Mixin’ With Windsor For The Derby
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Replenish yourself with this week’s Mixtape, complements of Windsor for the Derby‘s Dan Matz. The Philadephila based group, who recently had a song featured in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, has a tour coming up in August that will take them to France, Spain, Beirut, Canada and New England. After all that traveling, Matz will no doubt be in need of a pick me up and his “Top 12 Refreshing Songs” mix, which features tunes by Blind Willie Johnson, John Lee Hooker, RL Burnside and more, outta do the trick. 



Top 12 Refreshing Songs: 

To put this in context: I chose all of these songs in the midst of our first East Coast heat wave of 2008. I’m in an old Philly row home surrounded by others. All red brick and heat like a deep red oven. My only retreat was to my basement with a cool drink and to find some equally refreshing music. 

1. Latin Playboys- “Rudy’s Party”
I saw these guys live in the late 90s and they were phenomenal. It was wonderfully chaotic. As if everyone was playing through amplified AM radios.

2. RL Burnside- “Goin’ Down South”
This is from a record released in 1969. The records he released later in his career were fun but this feels so simple and true. 

3. Mance Lipscomb- “Ain’t It Hard”
Yes, Mance, sometimes it is

4. Jack Kelly and his South Memphis Jug Band- “Cold Iron Bed”
From Harry Smith’s collection. I love these old jug band songs. The jug creates this amazing almost synthetic undercarriage. 

5. Bascom Lamar Lunsford- “Little Turtle Dove”
This is next on the list to learn for my daughter Ruby Jean. 

6. Hobart Smith- “The Devil’s Dream”
I find this piece menacing but completely relaxing somehow. Hobart was one of those self taught master of many instruments in Appalachia. My family is from Appalachia as well. I have an uncle that I never met and I just seem to image he’s a lot like Hobart just from the stories I’ve been told. 

7. Band Teleu Nekaf- “Kolo Kot Matani”
This is from a Smithsonian Indonesian guitar groups compilation that I’ve been addicted to for ten years now. There so much real human drive in this music. That’s hard to find these days. 

8. Blind Willie Johnson- “Black was the Night” 
Blind Willie has such an sublime guitar style which is juxtaposed by that cutting voice. 

9. Black Branches- “A Red Sail For Thee” 
Black Branches is Justin Luke from NYC. He did some vocals on the last WFTD record, “How We Lost”. They were supposed to be backing vocals but his harmonies were so beautiful that I moved him to the forefront and deleted most of my tracks.

10. The Flatlanders- “The Heart You Left Behind”
What an incredible group of songwriters! The only band I’ve ever heard get away with a singing saw on nearly every track. Usually a no-no on any. 

11. Gianmarco Cilli- “All My Designs” 
Gianmarco has been in WFTD for a few years now. He had a batch of songs that I forced him to record at my home studio. This is one of my favorites from those sessions

12. John Lee Hooker- “The Waterfront”
I’ve always wanted to cover this one. So ambient.

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