Friday August 29th 2008, 2:47 pm
In Our Queue: Nashville Rebel
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YouTube Preview ImageWaylon Jennings – Nashville Rebel

Nashville Rebel is Waylon Jenning’s first feature film. Released in 1966, the film features a 29 year old Jennings in the role of an innocent, but very talented musician who learns the hard way that the music business isn’t all it’s cracked up to be while climbing the ladder to success. Faron Young, Tex Ritter, Loretta Lynn and the Wilburn Brothers also appear in the film.

Wednesday August 27th 2008, 6:27 pm
Ticket Giveaway for Southern Culture on the Skids at the Grand Ole Echo
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Southern Culture on the Skids, who are best described as a Country B-52s, will be playing this Sunday, August 31st, at the Grand Ole Echo. Tickets are $12 ($10 advanced), but one lucky When You Awake reader will get a pair of free tix. To win, e-mail whenyouawakela @ (subject: Southern Culture). Include your first and last name in the email. One winner will be picked randomly and contacted.

Wednesday August 27th 2008, 6:24 pm
Tim Hardin Goes Twang: A When You Awake Mixtape
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Next up in our Twang Series, we are featuring the songwriting talents of Tim Hardin. The Byrds, Johnny Cash, Colin Blunstone (of the Zombies), Fleetwood Mac, Donovan and more take their turn at his beautiful and often haunting songs. Missing from the tape is Rod Stewart’s “Reason to Believe”, because do we really ever need to hear that version again? I think not. Anyways, enjoy! And if you missed our Townes Van Zandt Covers Mixtape, check it out here



The Beachwood Sparks staged a triumphant return to Los Angeles on Friday night after a 5 year hiatus. Back in 2002, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing them at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, so this time around I went with even greater anticipation. The crowd matched my enthusiasm and was ecstatic to have their warm, harmony laden psychedelic country tunes back again. 

The return of Beachwood Sparks couldn’t have come at a better time. In the age of crazy drum loops and beats and traditional rock bands acquiring often harsh electro elements (I worked in this scene for two years so I’m not putting it down), it’s really refreshing to have some good ol’ fashioned folk songs. Especially with the economy in shambles and the uncertainty surrounding the elections and tense international relations, I know it’s what I personally need to hear…perhaps now more than ever. And with so many other bands coming out right now, like the Fleet Foxes for instance, that owe so much to the Sparks, I think it’s really time for folks to stand up and pay their respects to these modern country rock pioneers. 


Beachwood Sparks- Sister Rose

Saturday August 23rd 2008, 6:19 pm
When You Awake’s Theme Song For the Weekend
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Beachwood Sparks- Canyon Ride

Friday August 22nd 2008, 6:16 pm
Fine Tuning: Dr Dog’s “Fate”
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If you bother to read reviews for music online, perhaps you’ve noticed that Dr. Dog’s latest album, Fate, is drawing alot of …um, well… comparisons. The AV Club dismissed it as a mash-up of the Beatles and the Band. iTunes claimed a cross between the Beatles and the Beach Boys. Pitchfork said… well, let’s just say someone is a crabby apple. Say what you will about Dr. Dog, but critics LOVE to ponder how they arrived at their sound.

Thursday August 21st 2008, 6:13 pm
Ticket Giveaway for Sunset Junction Pre Party With Langhorne Slim
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Well folks, I am pleased to announce that we have not one, but TWO ticket giveaways this week. On Tuesday, we offered away a pair of tix to the Beachwood Sparks secret reunion show. Next up, we have 1 pair of Langhorne Slim tix up for grabs. The show is tomorrow night at Spaceland (Friday, August 22nd) and is 21 and over. To win, e-mail whenyouawakela @ (subject: Langhorne Slim). Include your first and last name in the email. One winner will be picked randomly and contacted.


YouTube Preview ImageLanghorne Slim- Rebel Side of Heaven

We have 1 pair of Beachwood Sparks Tix up for grabs (for their secret reunion show)! Also playing are today’s fantastic Mixtape Makers the Tyde along withthe MoviesMia Doi Todd and more. The show is this Friday night at theEchoplex (August 22nd) and is 18 and over. To win, e-mail whenyouawakela @ (subject: Beachwood Sparks). Include your first and last name in the email. One winner will be picked randomly and contacted.

Tuesday August 19th 2008, 6:03 pm
Mixin’ With The Tyde
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Darren Rademaker of the Tyde has given us his “10 Bitchin Tunes To Listen To While Driving To The Beach For A Surf Session.” With songs by the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, the Surf Punks, Will Oldham (Palace Brothers) and more, this is the perfect way to savor the remaining days of summer. The mix will mellow your mind and send you off to the beach to catch a few waves and enjoy some cold beers under the bright burning sun (I myself am definitely taking a copy for my beach adventure this weekend!). Speaking of the weekend, The Tyde are playing a must see show on Friday night with the newly off of hiatus Beachwood Sparks at the Echoplex. We will be there for this one of a kind psychedelic country/surf showdown. And now, you can be too! (see next post). 


Monday August 18th 2008, 6:01 pm
Flying Burrito Brothers Originals
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Following the previously posted International Submarine Band’s “Safe At Home” originals, the guys over at Setting the Woods on Fire have put together the original tunes that the Flying Burrito Brothers covered on their different records. Included are versions of the songs by Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard, Aretha Franklin and more. Check out a couple of samples below. For the complete set, head on over to Setting the Woods on Fire. Next up are the tunes covered on Gram Parsons solo records. We’ll let you know when they put those up. Once again, well done boys!

Hank Williams- Farther Along

George Hamilton IV- Break My Mind
Bee Gees- To Love Somebody