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Mixin’ With The Tyde
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Darren Rademaker of the Tyde has given us his “10 Bitchin Tunes To Listen To While Driving To The Beach For A Surf Session.” With songs by the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, the Surf Punks, Will Oldham (Palace Brothers) and more, this is the perfect way to savor the remaining days of summer. The mix will mellow your mind and send you off to the beach to catch a few waves and enjoy some cold beers under the bright burning sun (I myself am definitely taking a copy for my beach adventure this weekend!). Speaking of the weekend, The Tyde are playing a must see show on Friday night with the newly off of hiatus Beachwood Sparks at the Echoplex. We will be there for this one of a kind psychedelic country/surf showdown. And now, you can be too! (see next post). 

Top 10 Bitchin Tunes To Listen To While Driving To The Beach For A Surf Session:  

1. Antonio Carlos Jobim – “Wave”
This bossanova classic was the theme song to my dad’s radio show in the 70’s back in Florida. Years later i started digging the whole record and it’s one of my favorites of the genre.

2. The Beach Boys – “It’s Ok”
Semi-obscure summer ditty — the lyrics just put you in a good mood for a drive.

3. Jan and Dean – “Lullaby in the Rain”
“You can run with me to the mountains and the sea if you want to”…doesn’t that just say it all? People think of Jan and Dean as beach and hot rod music, but they also have quite a few obscure psychedelic tunes to offer if you dig deep. Also good is a nice cover version by Sonic Boom and Spectrum from the 90’s.

4. West – “Summer Flower”
West released two albums — this I believe is an original off their first LP, which also includes excellent soft-country pop versions of Bob Dylan songs. Sample lyric — “gone are worries when we’re high…”

5. Palace Brothers – “West Palm Beach”
This Will Oldham 7-inch of “West Palm Beach / Gulf Shores” is one of his best offerings, and definitely takes me back to the feelings i had in Florida growing up. Also re-recorded on the “Greatest Palace Music” LP.

6. The Surf Punks – “I’m a Valley”
In the 80’s when the Surf Punks came out, I thought they were a joke, but I’ve been digging them for the past ten years or so. Sample lyric — “well the beach is hot, but your girlfriend’s not…”

7. Bob Dylan – “Mozambique”
The closest thing I can think of to a Bob Dylan summer-type song. It makes me think of the islands (any islands). I’ve been trying to write a song like this for years, but it usually comes out sounding like Jimmy Buffet (not necessarily a bad thing).

8. Spiritualized – “Lay Back in the Sun (Good Dope, Good Fun)”
This 12-inch has four different versions of the same song — all slightly different, but all great, English sunshine psyche.

9. The Millenium – “There Is Nothing More to Say”
Anything to do with the Millenium and their members, especially Sandy Salsbury, is great summertime listening. This just happens to be my favorite song by them.

10. Dennis Wilson – “Farewell My Friend”
It’s exciting that after all these years “Pacific Ocean Blue” and his unreleased material have found a new audience. This is a nice song to be listening to while the sun goes down and the seagulls screech.

p.s. A special thanks to Leonard from Red Telephone66 for providing the West track (which was nearly impossible to find). 

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