Monday September 29th 2008, 12:01 pm
Welcome to the new site!
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Hello all,

We have switched hosting sites. While it looks the same, we are no longer on  Our deepest sympathies go out to everyone at Uber, who just last week were all let go and told that the site was closing down today, Monday, September 29th.  It was an amazing site/program that really did inspire a lot of people, myself included, to turn what was initially an afterthought of a blog into a full blown serious website. Thanks to everyone there for their support and encouragement.

So, onwards and upwards! We had to manually transfer everything over here this weekend and sadly couldn’t transfer every single post (though we got most!) and are still working on the Mixtape/Style/Video pages. I’ll let you know when they are completely back up. Another thanks has to go out to Freddie Wong for insuring that there would be a site when you got here today!

And is there anything that you personally wanted to see added or changed on When You Awake? Please let us know because we now have the flexibility to do so! Well…on to the posts for the day…


When You Awake

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