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Mixin’ With Henry Clay People
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Los Angeles’ own Henry Clay People offer us their “Top 10 Songs For A Friendly Card Game”. With tunes by Neil Young, Gram Parsons, The Rolling Stones and more, the boys take us on the emotional roller coaster of their typical poker night; a lil cheatin’, fightin’, makin’ up and lovin’, all in good fun whilst dealin’ and bettin’ their pennies away. Henry Clay People are playing a Record Release party this Friday night at Spaceland with the support of the Parson Redheads, Le Switch and Downtown Union Support. The fine folks over at Aquarium Drunkard are giving away some tickets for the show. Head on over for your chance to win. For Cheap Or For Free will be out November 4th on Autumn Tone Records.

Top 10 Songs For a Friendly Game of Cards

1. Neil Young- “Barstool Blues”
Good for an opening hand.  Nice mood setter.
2. Rod Stewart- “True Blue”
“Never been a millionaire, and I tell you mama I don’t care.” This is Rod saying a bunch of things that if he said now would be lies, but it’s nice to think that he meant it when he sang it.
3. Jackson Browne- “Redneck Friend”
My friend’s dad went to high school with Jackson Browne.  I hear he’s a class act. This is for when the game finally hits its stride.
4. Gram Parsons- “Return of the Grievous Angel”
This has Andy’s all-time favorite opening line. Nice little card table sing-a-long.
5. The Flying Burrito Brothers- “Older Guys”
This is the song to play when everyone decides to take a break halfway through.
6. Chris Bell- “Get Away”
Noah (our bass player) really got me into this record.  The snare drum is crazy.  Although “Fight At The Table” would probably be a more appropriate choice.  I like “Get Away” better.
7. Bash & Pop- “Tiny Pieces”
Another Noah record.  Tommy Stinson lives pretty close to us I guess.  I’d like to see him on a stage without Buckethead.
8. The Rolling Stones- “Rip This Joint”
If the friendly card should turn into a friendly brawl…
9. Silver Jews- “The Wild Kindness”
This is the song to play after the friendly brawl.  Chill people put.
10. The Clash- “The Card Cheat”
For obvious reasons.

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Hey WYA,

I love these Mixin’ tapes. They’re fantastic! Only problem is when I download them to my Mac, half the songs are quicktime files. Anyway you can make them all MP3’s? Anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

Lee Roy

Comment by Lee Roy 10.02.08 @ 9:38 am

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