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Mixin’ With Ladyhawk
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Jagjaguwar band Ladyhawk has given us their “Top 10 Songs for Rainy Sundays in Vancouver” mixtape. For those lucky few who are currently somewhere where it’s raining (contrary to popular belief, you CAN get sick of too much sunlight. LA weather is so boring!), slap on this mix, crawl back into bed and watch the rain fall while The Zombies, Dennis Wilson and the Kinks provide the perfect soundtrack. Ladyhawk kicks off a 16-date Canadian tour this week. Check out the mix and the tour dates after the jump.

Top 10 Songs for Rainy Sundays in Vancouver

In Vancouver it rains a lot. Sometimes it’ll rain for several months at a time, never once letting up. These songs are for those Sundays when you wake up with a bit of a shame-over and you thank God there’s enough food in the fridge and plenty of coffee in the cupboard, because let’s face it, you aren’t going anywhere today.

1. The Association- “Never My Love”
This song is really pretty. That opening riff kills me. Now go brush your teeth.

2. Harry Nilsson- “Salmon Falls”
This song is off the album Duit On Mon Dei….get it? Everything Nilsson did seemed like an inside joke between him and his drinking buddies. He never had a discernible style, no two songs are similar, so there’s a little Nilsson for everybody I guess. This was recorded after he fucked up his voice hanging with John Lennon. There’s this amazing blues solo by a steel drum too. I dare you not to love this song. Go put some clothes on.

3. The Beatles- “There’s a Place”
I’m surprised this wasn’t really a hit for the lads. It was off Twist and Shout. It’s super catchy and a bit dark. In highschool I was in this band and we made a compilation cd with all these other bands in town. One of our songs is a straight up rip-off of this song. I never really told anyone. Wow, feels good to get that off my chest. Go make some coffee.

4. The Zombies- “Beachwood Park”
Such vivid summertime imagery. You can almost smell the lawn clippings. What a weird band when you think about it. You should check out some solo Colin Blunstone stuff. I Don’t Believe In Miracles is a pretty rad track, it’s on this album called Ennismore. Also check out old Zombies stuff on youtube, Colin Blunstone had some crazy hand moves. Toast…with butter.

5. Dennis Wilson- “Thoughts Of You”
This album to me sounds like heroin. It sounds like a junky in a studio with an unlimited recording budget. It’s not sloppy at all, it’s slow and dark and beautiful. This record made me listen to the Beachboys in a whole new light. Their harmonies are so tight and a lot of times you don’t know who’s singing what. Now it’s like “oh that’s Dennis”. Crack a window, it stinks like breath in here.

6. The Beach Boys- “A Young Man Is Gone”
This song is an a cappella eulogy to James Dean. Brian Wilson’s arrangement is insane, it’s mind boggling. The guy really had some brains back in the day. The words were written by Mike Love. Sometimes I feel like a modern day Mike Love. I won’t get into it. Make jobby.

7. The Kinks- “I Go To Sleep”
This song wasn’t actually on any kinks record. It was a demo Ray Davies recorded for the album Kinda Kinks. Years later the Pretenders sort of had a hit with it. I guess Ray and Chrissy Hynde had a kid together and were briefly engaged in the eighties. They went to city hall and the guy refused to marry them cause they were bickering the whole time…or so the story goes. The Kinks are the best band in the world, so are Fleetwood Mac, and so are Silkworm. Take a little nap on the couch.

8. The Pet Shop Boys- “Love Comes Quickly”
This song is just so chill. Run a bath.

9. Sebadoh- “Spoiled”
This song is super emo, you love it. Shave.

10. The Byrds- “Jesus is Just Alright With Me”
Seeing as how it’s Sunday and we should all be in church, this one goes out to JC. It sounds weirdly modern, the groove is so mechanical. It pre-dates the Doobies version. Praise the Lord. Eat some bacon.

Tour Dates:
Oct 28 2008 Broken City Calgary
Oct 29 2008 Broken City Calgary, Alberta
Oct 30 2008 Pawn Shop Edmonton, Alberta
Oct 31 2008 Amigo’s Saskatoon
Nov 1 2008 The Albert Winnipeg, MB, Manitoba
Nov 2 2008 TBA Thunder Bay
Nov 4 2008 The Jubilee Centre Sudbury
Nov 5 2008 Time To Laugh Kingston
Nov 6 2008 Zaphod’s Ottawa
Nov 7 2008 Les Saints Montreal
Nov 8 2008 Casbah Quebec City
Nov 11 2008 The Foundation Barrie
Nov 12 2008 Casbah Hamilton
Nov 13 2008 Call the Office Lodon
Nov 14 2008 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto, Ontario
Nov 15 2008 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto, Ontario

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