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Cover Art Of The Week: Wiretree
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Wiretree, an indie rock band from Austin, Texas is the inaugural winner of our Cover Art of the Week contest. Wiretree’s first full album Bouldin is out now on Cobaltworks, a record label and multi-media company out of Austin. Megan recently caught up with Wiretree’s frontman and songwriter Kevin Peroni. Their interview is after the jump.

Where does the cover art for Bouldin come from?
Nik Ainley did it. It mixes in the organic with the mechanical. Great artist.

How did your band meet?
I started the project in 2005 when I released an EP, and released the album “Bouldin” in 2007 with me playing pretty much all the instruments. I put my live band together close to a year ago. I enlisted my wife Rachel on the bass and everyone else involved came through Craigslist.

Where are you all from originally?
I grew up in Corpus Christi, Rachel [bassist] is from the Dallas area and Josh [guitarist] is from Houston.

What were your favorite bands growing up?
I was into any band with a good song. It could be anyone from Merle Haggard, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen. I did spend much time listening to the British bands like the Kinks, the Beatles, Travis and ELO. I’ve also been fond of Elliott Smith.

What’s your song-writing process?
I try to use different methods to get more diverse songs, I’ll write one on the piano, next on the guitar. I typically write the music first and the lyrics come after.

Do you like performing? Do you get nervous? What’s the best show you’ve done that you can recollect?
Performing is an art in it self. I can record and write songs all day… but playing live? I’m finally getting to where I’m more comfortable with performing for people etc. There’s so many factors, from sound, equipment, booking, stage banter, monitoring. It’s a lot of work, but very gratifying when you make it through a successful gig. I’m getting better about not being so nervous 😉
The best gig yet was a SXSW day show at Homeslice Pizza. There was a pretty decent crowd, a lady banging away with her tambourine, a baby propped up on her dad’s shoulders with ear protectors on dancing around.

What’s your goal as a band?
I write songs because it’s something I need to do or I’ll go a little crazy. Basically, we’ll push as far as we can as long as there are people excited about hearing us.

Is there any artist whose career you’d like to emulate?
Tom Petty comes to mind, and who wouldn’t want to be another Wilco, Beatles or Rolling Stones?

What’s up next? A tour, another album?
New album coming out in 2009, 5 songs complete, 4 songs to go. It should be a lot of fun.

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