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Gift Roundup: Week Two
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Every week until the Holidays are upon us, we are going to share some When You Awake approved gift ideas. Check out  Week Two’s picks below (listed from low to high prices). For last week’s gift ideas, click here.


1. George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass Poster from Ebay

This beautiful poster was given away with copies of George Harrison’s record All Things Must Pass. You can either buy the poster individually (like this one on Ebay that is currently going for $4.99), or you can try your luck at buying the whole LP at a used record store and hope that it still contains the poster.


2. Packin’ Heat Hand Warmers from Perpetual Kid

When it’s cold outside, what better way is there to warm up than by packin’ some heat?! Of course we mean handwarmers…not guns. Their gel-filled packs will warm your hands for 20 minutes or more and are reusable. You just throw them in a pot of boiling water and voila! They are ready to use again. I have personally used these little guys before and the process of making them heat up (you click a little metal disk inside the packet) is almost as cool as the powerful heat that they put off. Best thing is they will only run you $5.99 for a pack of two.


3. Wilco Frisbee from the Wilco Store

Jenna and I bought ourselves a pair of Wilco frisbees down at Austin City Limits Fest last year and can honestly say that they have brought us hours of enjoyment. Definitely worth the $12 a pop.


4. Neil Young’s Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 1968 from Amazon

Recorded live in an Ann Arbor folk club in 1968, this recently released live album features Neil Young right after Buffalo Springfield’s breakup and before the release of his first solo album. This recording is just Neil and his guitar singing songs like “Sugar Mountain”, “Mr. Soul”, “Birds”, “Broken Arrow” and more. You can find it on for $14.99.


5. When The Levee Breaks Earrings from Etsy

Small Turquoise nuggets with wispy long red feathers make this the perfect gift for that lovely lady in your life. $35 at Etsy.

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