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Mixin’ With The Blank Tapes
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On the eve of their Northwestern tour, The Blank Tapes (aka Matt Adams) have given us their “Top 10 Songs To Listen To While In West Oakland”, though I would suggest that these songs hold up well just about anywhere. With tunes by Otis Redding, Little Wings, The Kinks and The Byrds, how could they not? The Blank Tapes begin a week long tour tomorrow that will take them to Oregon and Washington state. Tour Dates and the mixtape are after the jump.

The Blank Tape’s Top 10 Songs To Listen To While In West Oakland:

1. Otis Redding- “Pain In My Heart”
Otis kills me in this song. I don’t think he wrote it but he definitely makes it his own. Steve Cropper on guitar is one of my favorites too. I heard he got his “sound” just by playing country licks over soul music!

2. Leo Dan- “Como Te Extrano Mi Amor”
I heard Leo Dan one night while I was drinking beer and drawing at a taqueraia in San Francisco. It was the only song on the jukebox that resonated with me that night. I asked the cooks who it was and got a CD the next day. I listened to it straight for a month.

3. The Kinks- “This Is Where I Belong”
They were masters at writing epic pop songs. The lyrics in this one are solid too. It’s all about playing the F chord in a G major song. That’s the trick!

4. Leonard Cohen- “True Love Leaves No Traces”
This is off the ignored “Death of a Ladies Man” album that Phil Spector produced. I heard that all of Leonard Cohen’s vocal takes on this album were only scratch recordings that were intended to be rerecorded. Apparently Phil Spector liked them the way they were and refused to let Leonard Cohen redo them (at gunpoint!). The whole album is pretty amazing and different than anything else he’s done.

5. The Byrds- “Eight Miles High”
I’m not a fan of anything else the Byrds did, but this song is fucking incredible!! The best psychedelic song ever written and recorded. What more can i say. The chord progressions! The harmonies! This song inspired me to buy an electric 12 string guitar.

6. Neil Young “Expecting to Fly”
I guess this is technically a Buffalo Springfield song. Either way, this is one of the most beautifully lush recordings i’ve ever heard. I used to play this song on repeat when i’d be driving through Silverado Canyon. The time signature is crazy too!

7. David Bowie- “Sound & Vision”
Bowie and Brian Eno did some incredible work together. The album LOW is by far my favorite of the 3 they did together. This track has some far out sounds on it. Listen for those synths and that strange hi-hat sound. The guitar melody is so light and fun. The bassline is groovy too. ps- side B of LOW is heavy! Shit.

8. The Beach Boys- “The Warmth of the Sun”
What can i say. This song is beautiful. I love how the the music drops out for a measure at the end of the song while the harmonies continue.

9. Little Wings- “Random Lee”
This is from Kyle Field’s Magic Wand album. Not my favorite album of his but this song definitely stands out for me. Kyle’s the king of chill.

10. It’s a tie! any song by Fpodbpod, Magic Leaves, honey.moon.tree., indianna hale, Matt McCluer, sleepy todd or dirdy birdy. they’re all incredible underground songwriters in the california area. i happen to play in all these bands too!

Tour Dates:
Dec ​27- shast​a @ stage​ door
Dec 28- seatt​le @ volca​no fun box for winne​rs
Dec 29- seatt​le/​olymp​ia @ TBA
Dec 30- olymp​ia @ le voyeu​r
Dec 31- portl​and @ da punx palac​e (​house​ show)​ w/ fpodb​pod & the sweet​ sweet​ thing​s!​!​!
Jan ​1 – portl​and @ twili​ght cafe and bar w/ fpodb​pod
Jan 2 – eugen​e Q@ kent’​s house
Jan 3- arcat​a @ the green​ house

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I agree with everything Matt says!

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awesome list!

Comment by Diane 12.29.08 @ 10:34 pm

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