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Guest Mixtape: Howard and Beth From Lonesome Music
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We asked our friends Howard and Beth over at the great UK-based blog, Lonesome Music, to share some of their favorite songs with us.  What resulted is this brilliant little mixtape featuring tunes by Dolly Parton, Gillian Welch, Leatherbag, The Soft Parade and more. Check it out after the jump!

Lonesome Music Mixtape:

Here’s our mixtape. It’s made up of songs that we’ve posted over the years and especially loved. We’ve missed out a family favourite (Brand New Love) and we would have liked to have featured some more recorders, but please enjoy, drop by our blog and let us know if you’re feeling it.

1. Lonesome Sisters- It’s Better To Be Alone
This is where it all started, as both a hearty recommendation for some fantastic old-timey bluegrass and for a good name for the blog.

2. Dolly Parton- The Bargain Store
The woman is a genius. How can someone so talented be so artistically underappreciated? We both love a bit of Dolly.

3. Moose- I Wanted To See You To See If I Wanted You
We’ve posted this song more times than any other and we always get a lot of emails about it. It’s where indie-kid jangle blurs into americana – all round lovely.

4. Leatherbag- Tennessee
Love Me Like the Devil is an album so raw and unflinching that it should be kept behind glass. Randy’s new stuff sounds less like Dylan/Springsteen and more like Lou Reed, but this is firmly in his Springsteen phase – and that is meant as a compliment.

5. Catherine Howe- On A Misty Morning
Beautiful song from the 1971 (the year Howard was born) that epitomises the best of the whimsical melancholy of the kind of folk we like.

6. Shelagh McDonald- Sweet Sunlight
More lady folk from the 70s. Lonesome Music has three key genres – folk, americana/country and slightly kitsch easy listening. You’d be amazed how far we manage to stretch that in order to amuse each other. And several hundred other folks.

7. Soft Parade- Cry All Over Me
Now this song has featured very heavily on the mix tapes over the years, starting some time in the early 90s. It’s just a fantastic song from a band that we think were from Switzerland or Scandinavia or somewhere, definitely far enough away to seem exotic.

8. Hem- Jackson
Eveningland is the aural equivalent of a hot bath after a long day and you can’t help but swoon at this track.

9. The Acorn- Brokered Heart
From 2007’s brilliant Tin Fist EP, whose 6 tracks just about fits Howard’s very short attention span. It stood out a mile at the time and still sounds like nothing else.

10. Gillian Welch- I Want To Sing That Rock and Roll
Howard gets jealous everytime he hears this of both the songwriting and the playing. Time (The Revelator) is the family favourite album, and we’re looking forward to the next one.

11. Two Dollar Pistols- You Ruined Everything
It’s all about the baritone singer’s tear-stained confessions and the pedal steel.

12. Crew Cuts- Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)
Our Dad had to literally break his record player up into pieces to make room for Howard’s piano when he was seven years old. The only records we remember him having were Tubby the Tuba and some Sounds of Philadelphia. Sometimes we’d glean a bit more information about what their tastes were, particularly when they were courting. Dad was big on Buddy Holly and the Shadows, they were both big on the Everly Brothers and they’ve passed on a love of the 50’s & 60’s Hit Parade down to us.

13. Riders in the Sky- Tumbling Tumbleweeds
We’re Rider Pals. Beth saw them live twice in a week in Tennesse and set about converting Howard by proxy. Our Mum got Howard a cowboy shirt for Christmas this year – someone had obviously given up line dancing and had donated all the gear to the charity shop. It looks like the shirt Eric Clapton wore – maybe there’ll be some matching boots next year and we can send in a photo of our country style.


About Lonesome Music:
Lonesome Music is run by Howard and Beth, a brother and sister based in the UK. They started the blog in August 2004 as a continuation of a lifetime’s conversation about music that costs a lot less that the phone calls or postage ever used to – it used to be tapes, then CDs and now it’s all on the web. We don’t do reviews or pretend to be cool; instead we look for emotional impact in songs and post things that that we think each other will like. Along the way we’ve made lots of friends online, so now we post for their enjoyment too.

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