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Guest Mixtape: Guide To Bootcut Classics Volume Two
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Zach Cowie (aka DJ Turquoise Wisdom) has returned with Volume Two of his wonderful Guide to Bootcut Classics, made exclusively for the readers of When You Awake. On the first mix, we heard tunes from the likes of Cowboy, Link Wray, Gene Clark and more. On Volume Two, aptly named Ladies Night, we hear from the women-folk who were on the scene. Bobbie Gentry, Cher, Judee Sill and many more grace the mix and Cowie provides his ever knowledgeable commentary as he guides us into the world of “country/rural vibes, loads of fake CSN moves, GREAT pedal steel/fuzz guitar…far from your classic country.” Enjoy! – Photo by Lisa Jane Persky.

From Turquoise Wisdom: Whoa! Jody told me that the first BOOTCUT mix was a hit and requested that I craft the Volume 2 which I hinted at in the “liner notes” of mix 1. My answer?? TOTALLY!!

Oh, I’m not on any internet (myspace, facebook, whatevs) but totally feel free to email me directly if you have any questions about any particular tune or are in search of further listening (or if want to send ME some jams!), I’m at soldieroftheheart at gmail dot com. Alright, time to pour a few drinks and have a listen to what the ladies have to say about this funky BOOTCUT sound. Thanks so much for listening…

Guide To Bootcut Classics Volume 2: Ladies Night

1. Prelude – After The Gold Rush
Let’s kick this thing off correct with one of my all-time favorite Shakey covers! Prelude OWNS this jam and makes the Trio version sound like it was cut by a buncha grandma’s that give you dumb stuff for Christmas (sorry ladies, you know I love you but…uhh). On a Fleet Foxes tour over the summer, we all got to jam at Massey Hall (psyched!!) and I opened an all deep Neil covers DJ set between Dungen and Fleetz with this beast– damn near blew my own mind!

2. The City – I Wasn’t Born To Follow
Now that we’ve opened strong, let’s go ahead and clear the haters out of the room with one of the toughest tracks Carole King ever put to paper. Here she is performing it with her short-lived group The City in 1969. I stand behind ALL Carole King. I even heard some seemingly horrible Starbucksy “Living Room Tour” live album she did a few years ago on a plane, I was totally tired and wanted to crash, but stayed awake for the whole album ‘cuz Carole STILL completely kills it!

3. Cher – For What It’s Worth
I do believe my bro Ethan of Howlin’ Rain fame featured a number off this monster record on his mixtape, but fuck it—here’s another! Cher laying it all out with Brother Duane and the Muscle Shoals boys on the groove and Wex, Dowd and Arif in the booth?! If anyone reading this builds a time machine, call my ass up and set that thing for Alabama, 1969.

4. Kathy Heideman – The Earth Won’t Hold Me
A majorly treasured jam amongst my bro-crew, sourced yet-again by Mr. Andy Cabic and his eagle-eye/ear that he flexes regularly at bay area thrift shops. You can hear another tune from this record covered by Andy’s band, Vetiver, on the “Thing Of The Past” LP (with Vashti on vocals!). The whole story behind this record and its rediscovery by Cabic and Kevin Barker (another crucial player in the field of BOOTCUT awareness) can be learned by clicking this internet.

5. Jude – Morning Morgantown
I’m a huge Joni fan, but for some mysterious reason didn’t pull anything by her when I was digitizing LP’s for this mix. Later realizing I’d left her out, I hit my stack of Joni records and nothing seemed to fit right with all my other pulls, but I still wanted her represented. This cover by Jude (whom I know nothing about, it’s from a really rad compilation I have called “House Of Many Windows”) totally worked out. Let it now be known that “Ladies Of The Canyon” (where this song originally appeared) is by far my favorite Joni LP.

6. Karen Beth – Come With Me
This crazy gem of a tune comes to us from the able hands of John Simon, who handled production for most of the album. Most of you readers know Simon’s work on the early Band LP’s. If you don’t know his first solo album, check that thing ASAP– it shreds! On a totally unrelated note, I always smile when she says “sweet air”, because I’m reminded of a San Francisco night NVH and I spent getting mad-wasted on a wine called Druid Fluid (no joke!!) and blasting a private press new-age record called Sweet Air. That ruled.

7. Linda Perhacs – Paper Mountain Man
Linda and I have been bros since I first met her on a Devendra/Newsom/Vetiver tour I managed about five years ago. It’s been really rad to see her out and about since I moved to Los Angeles—she’s even cruised by a few events I’ve DJ’d! She’s always totally psyched to chat it up about her 1970 masterpiece “Parallelograms”. Here’s a great interview my boy DJ Nobody did with her on Dublab. This tune always cracks me up hard, especially with the ever-growing fashion-hippie epidemic that continues to plague these parts.

8. Jackie De Shannon – The Weight
Fuck! This cover just RIPS. It’s all about that rolling piano hook Dr John throws down. Mac is one of my favorite dudes EVER, and this is one of the best music biographies you’ll ever read. I’ve always loved non-musical credits in the credits section of albums and this LP has a whopper. They credit Harold Battiste for MUSICAL ATMOSPHERE– that’s a tough one to beat! I think it was Chris from Espers that found a record that credits “Jerry, for the vibes”. That one MIGHT top this

9. Pentangle – Wedding Dress
Yet another glowing example of that sweet BOOTCUT sound crossing the seas and mixing it up with trad-English vibrations to create a siiiick hybrid supersound. Pentangle are easily in my top 10 UK bands of all time, but the groove on this number is a total standout in their catalog (well, this and “I Saw An Angel”, the b-side to “Once I Had A Sweetheart”). This (can you tell I learned how to hyper-link since the last mix?) YouTube performance is beyond essential. I think at least 27K of those views are from me when I’m drunk.

10. Judy Henske & Jerry Yester – Raider
One of my favorite female voices teaming up with one of my favorite producers– I really can’t say enough about this album as a whole. If you dig this tune, totally seek out Ian Matthews’ wicked cover version he cut with his Plainsong project—it’s probably sitting in your local record shops’ dollar-bin AKA the BOOTCUT corral!

11. The Mamas & The Papas – Snowqueen Of Texas
Oh man– here we go! What a rough time to be a John Phillips superfan!! JP AND Kanye (another one of my favorites—did that fact knock the cowboy boots off some of you readers?) just keep fucking up– not even the grave could stop Phillips! BUT, anyone who’s read Papa John (another ESSENTIAL music bio!) shouldn’t be shocked by the latest scandal. Dude was always so gone. Yeah, it’s totally sad but it sure does add loads to the darkness hidden in the grooves of seemingly pleasant sounding tunes. The album this is from (“People Like Us”) is full of such mystery. You couldn’t find a more dysfunctional group of people when they hit the studio to record this contractually obligated LP. If you heard it from across the room, you’d think everything was cool—but a deeper listen reveals some of the darkest lyricism in pop music.

12. Joy Of Cooking – Too Late But Not Forgotten
Crap! Speaking of darkness—this tune! Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in a sweet groove that I don’t even hear what the group is saying. Here’s a perfect example! This tune by San Francisco’s Joy Of Cooking (who I loooooove!) didn’t leave the stereo for weeks when I first found it. I was taping the tune for everyone and it took a bro’s comment of “dude, this shit is daaaark” for me to pull out of the groove and actually listen to the song. Brutal!

13. Judee Sill – I’m Over
Anyone that knows me knows that the music of Judee Sill is one of the most important and sacred things in the entire world to me. Picking just ONE Judee jam for this mix was a tall order. I opted for this tune that comes from an unfinished/unreleased session in 1974 that was finally mixed by the ever capable and solid Jim O’Rourke and made available by the sweet dudes at Water on their “Dreams Come True” compilation. I strongly urge all you folks that haven’t yet to buy everything Judee ever recorded. ‘Nuf said!

14. Essra Mohawk – Spiral
I’m crazy about every tune on this record, but I totally understand how it can freak some people out. The opening jam throws a Jesus reference at your face pretty hard that could scare the casual listener away, and it’s borderline fusion arrangements are definitely not for beginners. If you buy this and get scared, give it time and you’ll be totally lost in it.

15. Karen Dalton – Something On Your Mind
Everyone knows about Dalton at this point, yeah? Rightfully so! The Light In The Attic dudes did such a killer job on all their reissues (Matt, if you’re reading this—please send a bro a copy of “In My Own Time”. As you can all hear, my original copy skips—ha!). The tune itself was written by a dude who I feel dumb for not including in volume 1 of my BOOTCUT mixes. His name is Dino Valente and he was in the Quicksilver Messenger Service, his solo album cut in 1968 is a loner/BOOTCUT classic and should be front and center in everyone’s “total bummer” section of their record collection.

16. Sandy Denny – Crazy Lady Blues
Just listen/watch.

17. Fraser & Debolt – Broad Daylight Woman
While not as completely as essential as their first LP (get that ASAP!!), this Canadian duo’s second album does have a few winners on it. This moody BOOTCUT bummer is most definitely the highlight. Many thanks to Otto for sending me this copy a few years back. You rule dude

18. John & Beverly Martyn – Auntie Aviator
John Martyn is without a doubt one of my favorite voices on Earth, and I was devastated by his passing away earlier this year (MASSIVE RIP, bro). His catalog and sound is all over the place and it took me YEARS but I’m now finally able to dig on almost all of it– even the illegal fretless bass stuff! BUT, my favorite period of his is by far the two LP’s he cut with his then-wife Beverley. This tune is from the second of those albums called “Road To Ruin”.

19. Alice Stuart – Full Time Woman
Sweeney turned me on to this record years ago, and although I’m totally grateful for the turn-on—I feel like I would have bought it someday from just seeing the cover alone in the bins (seriously one of the most bad-ass record covers ever). Alice Stuart is so killer. She wrote most of her tunes, still shreds at clubs and county fairs , and was even covered by another favorite of mine, Kate Wolf. I’d be really psyched to see Alice play someday (preferably at a demolition derby) and test out my blues-dawg tolerance!

20. Bobbie Gentry – Jessye’ Lisabeth
Bobbie Gentry never cut a bad tune. All her records are must-owns but this one, “Delta Suite”, is by far my favorite. What I digitized here is actually two tunes from the album that I’d feel dickish to separate. These jams are like PB&J (or weed, whites, and wine) and are best enjoyed together!

21. Judy Mayhan – Everlovin’ Ways
ANOTHER tune that Cabic discovered (but who found the test-pressing for a dollar!? This guy!). There are only a few moments of greatness on this accurately titled album but this one alone is WELL WORTH the price of admission. Yup, that’s Brother Duane on slide.

22. Kate Wolf – Peaceful Easy Feeling
The Eagles are SO TOUGH to dig. Dads around the world who wear driving gloves and a highly quotable line from The Big Lebowski totally ruined them for my generation. It’s SO HARD to remember where these dudes came from, how hard they partied, and how rad they once looked (how THE FUCK does THIS become THIS?). This Kate Wolf cover version should set the record straight for a bit. By the way, buy all Kate Wolf records you see, they’re in damn near every dollar bin in Northern California.

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