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Mixin’ With These United States
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these united states

Lexington, Kentucky and Washington, DC- based band These United States have given us their “Top 10 Songs Worth Fighting (Bandmates) For (in the Van)”. The mix features tunes by Bob Dylan, David Crosby, Gillian Welch and Son Volt among others. You can catch them at SXSW this March were they will be performing in support of their third full length release Everything Touches Everything (out now via United Interests). Check out their mixtape and a video of them performing “What Do You Want With My Heart” after the jump.

These United States

Top 10 Songs Worth Fighting (Bandmates) For (in the Van):

We spend a lot of time in the van.  With each other.  And, therefore, with each others’ tastes in music.  This is one of the hardest things about being in a band – your bandmates’ taste is never as unquestionably awesome as your own.  In times of tension and strife, these are the songs and artists we turn to in order to really get each others’ goats – or, alternatively, to escape from each others’ …um, goat-getting?  Guilty pleasures, if you will.  But more like angry, guilty pleasures.

1.  The Moody Blues – “The Best Way to Travel” 
Justin:  “I realize that you guys can’t get down to the Moodies like I can.  And it’s OK.  This song’s better on headphones anyway.”

2.  Tinariwen – “Assouf”
Jesse:  “No, I know, dude.  Yeah, no, I know – I’m not from Mali.  Yeah, I know.  Let alone Africa.  Yeah, my roots, ha, right.  I mean, well, you know, except, like, we’re ALL from Africa, in, like, the larger more sweeping, like, historical perspective sort of sense, right, see?”

3.  Thee Hypnotics – “Soul Accelerator”
Colin:  “It’s true.  The only thing I like more than England is…well, more England.  Garage legends from the UK off their 1991 album ‘Soul, Glitter & Sin’.  I think this band was way ahead of its time and owed an overdue humble thanks from Jack White.  This one feels like a film noir foot-chase through old, dark, dangerous east London probably concerning drugs of some kind.”

4.  Bob Dylan – “Pressing On”
Robby:  “Full on indie-Christ.  Poor production and plagued with female backup vocals and x-tra lenghthy harp solo(s).  Glorious, rich vocals and real life conviction.  God On God.”

5.  Son Volt – “Windfall”
Tom:  “Most of being in a band is being in a van, driving .  I don’t think there are many songs that capture that sense of watching the world slide by outside your windows, feeling so connected and yet so simultaneously displaced.”

6.  The Cure – “In Between Days”
Justin:  “I don’t know what to say about this one.  Do we ALL love the Cure?  It can’t be.  I assume that SOMEONE is unhappy when this comes on?  Right?  No?”

7.  Beck – “Milk & Honey”
Jesse:  “Yeah, you heard me.  I said it once and I’ll say it again, ‘mates.  I’d take Midnight Vultures to the desert island even before Exile on Main Street!!  oh, SNAP?!?!?!?!?!…yes I DID?!?!?!?…”

8.  Gillian Welch – “Elvis Presley Blues”
Colin:  “A basic, heartfelt, and melancholy meditation about the King.  I love the simplicity and directness and sad bastardness.  I’m inclined to classify this song ‘glad bastard’ though – slow n quiet don’t mean sad n lonely!”

9.  AC/DC – “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)”
Robby:  “Most ANY Bon Scott era, actually.  Check Mark Kozelek’s versions, if for some dumb reason you can’t seem to get behind the originals.  This is the concrete and steel definition of Rock and Roll Music.  Even to the most sober listener.”

10.  David Crosby – “Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves)”
Tom:  “I’m not a huge David Crosby fan, but “If Only I Could Remember My Name” is a lost classic of a record – when we’re driving up the west coast I’ll often to this song on repeat…on headphones, of course.”

YouTube Preview ImageThese United States- What Do You Want With My Heart

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Peaches is really one of the fun songs of the 90’s good to see their back!

Comment by Philly Boy Roy 01.26.10 @ 11:39 pm

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