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Guest Mixtape: Muzzle of Bee’s Escape To Wisconsin
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Ryan Matteson, the man behind one of my favorite blogs Muzzle of Bees, has made a mixtape for us! I am very pleased to present Muzzle of Bees’s Escape To Wisconsin: A Guide to the Best Music That Wisconsin Has to Offer. If anyone should hold the position of Wisconsin’s Music Ambassador, it should be Ryan. In addition to Muzzle of Bees, Ryan also hosts a weekly podcast on 91.7 WMSE and is the public relations director for the three of Milwaukee’s most esteemed music venues the Pabst, the Riverside, and Turner Hall. I’ll let him take if from here: “I’m betting most of you taking the time to read this haven’t been to Wisconsin. Many of you might have trouble picking it out on the map. Though I threaten to leave its wintery grasp each year the truth is this state is settled deep in my bones. Lucky for me, as a music fan, I’m blessed with amazing music all around me. I present for your listening pleasure a mixtape of my favorite Wisconsin bands. There’s a ton of great stuff here. Take the time to listen and I promise you’ll find some new favorites.”

Muzzle of Bee’s Escape To Wisconsin:

1. Juniper Tar – Innerstates
Take Summerteeth era Wilco and put it in a blender with Explosions in the Sky and you’re close to what seeing Juniper Tar feels like to me. The band played both of the sxsw showcases this year and it was a privilege to watch people fall in love with their music.

2. Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts – Like Rain
I’m new to Will’s stuff, though he’s been at it for awhile. I sent him an e-mail recently asking me to let me hear his stuff. He got back to me with a copy of Middle West which sat me down and made me a believer.

3. Invade Rome – Liars
This band is an absolute menace live. People talk about bands giving it all on stage. I’d pit these three guys up against anyone. The emotion pours through on this yet-to-be-released (unmastered) track. Though it’s not quite finished. I think it gives you a good punch in the gut.

4. Decibully – Somewhere In The World
Wherever my travels take me, Decibully is most certainly Milwaukee’s band. Touring bands always ask about them. Their new record is their best work yet.

5. Collections of Colonies of Bees – I: Flocks
I listen to these guys on headphones all the time. When I have work that needs doing or just time to be alone with my thoughts I turn to these guys and let them take me away.

6. Group of the Altos – Begin, And Begin Again!
My new favorite band in Milwaukee. I saw them for the first time ever when they played my sxsw showcase. They have about a dozen people in the band. The sound they create is something so unique and beautiful.

7. Chris DeMay – Red Letter Day
I recently was doing a radio interview in Milwaukee. The DJ was about to cue up this song, calling Chris Milwaukee’ Alejandro Escovedo. His songwriting is unmatched. One of this cities best musicians and men.

8. Jeremiah Nelson – Skin To Touch
He never released this track as far as I know. It was on his myspace and I had to beg him to send it to me because I was listening to it 10-15 times a day and wanted to be able to take the song with me. I’ve put it on mix CD’s for friends and think it’s an absolutely perfect song from start to finish.

9. Jentri Collelo – Cannonballs
A Madison gal. Now plays/fronts a band called Flight. This song comes from her first EP, Bird of Prey. It’s really pretty.

10. The Daredevil Christopher Wright – Stewardess
One of my favorite bands right now. They played my blog’s 5 year anniversary party a few months back. My smile stretched ear to ear.

11. .357 String Band – Oh, Adilene
Mix bluegrass, rockabilly and country with whiskey and tattoos and you’ve got visual of this band. They’re huge overseas and big in my town. Soon to take over everywhere else in betweeen.

12. Paul Cebar – She Found A Fool
Paul’s a legend in my book. His talents run as deep as his knowledge of music.

13. DeYarmond Edison – Bones
Now defunct. I came to them after their respective new projects grew wings. This song swims through my head weekly.

14. Conrad Plymouth- Fergus Falls
If you have not heard this song, get excited. I ve seen just about all of their Milwaukee shows. Their 4-song debut ep is available now via bandcamp

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I am a new found adopted son of the golden state. I proudly hail from the Cream City – Milwaukee, WI. It’s a little bit of a miracle that I found myself outside Wisconsin. Something like 75% of people born in Wisconsin, stay in Wisconsin their whole life which is the highest percentage in the country. The country music culture out here in Cali and specifically behind the Redwood Curtain is stronger. I’m so happy I stumbled across this blog! I check it every morning. It’s part of my daily curriculum. Anyways, to digress, the architect of this mix tape works for WMSE and I can say in confidence that it is ONE OF THE BEST STATIONS IN THE COUNTRY. Top 10 hands down. Anyone who is a fan of this blog will enjoy a program on WMSE called ‘The Chicken Shack.” Catch it live on Friday at 7 am or for your convenience all the shows are archived at the stations website, Cheers.

Comment by Scott 04.17.10 @ 2:04 am

I downloaded this last month and can’t stop listening to it. Great mix from my home state!

Comment by Aimz 06.01.10 @ 8:41 pm

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