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Mixin’ With Whispertown (Morgan Meyn)
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Los Angeles’ own Morgan Nagler, aka the frontwoman for The Whispertown 2000 and a solo artist who performs under the name Whispertown (Morgan Meyn), has given us a mixtape! The mix features Morgan’s “Top 10 Songs That Make You Feel Like You’re Driving” and includes tunes by Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams and Benji Hughes among others. And did I mention that she was also the first signing to Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch’s label Acony? Not a bad pair to have in your corner. Morgan is playing tomorrow night, Tuesday, June 1st at the Bootleg Theater alongside Swedish sisters First Aid Kit and Oklahoma’s Samantha Crain. Ticket are $15 in advance (buy them here) and the show is highly, highly recommended! She’ll also be singing a couple of tunes at our Beach Boys Tribute on June 19th at HM-157. Check out her mixtape and a Whispertown 2000 track after the jump.

Songs That Make You Feel Like You’re Driving:

1. Dire Straights- Romeo and Juliet
Because you can’t help head bob, and you can’t help singing along with all your heart, even though you can’t quite sync up with the beat of his drum.

2. Tom Petty- Time To Move On
Because it keeps you company and gives you comfort as you are moving; and because you believe him, and like him, and think he’s cool.

3. Neva Dinova – Yellow Datsun
Because it makes me smile, and also wanna ride places in the passenger seat. And keeps me smiling.

4. Rilo Kiley- Give A Little Love
Because it’s one of my favorites, unexpected, and feels like a glass of water that the whole world is drinking.

5. Lucinda Williams- Lake Charles
Because singing this song as if it came from your own heart while driving feels like home to me.

6. Benji Hughes- The Mummy
Because this song will make you roll the windows down and also feel like you’re at a party!

7. David Byrne and Brian Eno- Strange Overtones,
Because it hooks you into a soundtracked world that you want to visit and stay on vacation.

8. Roxy Music- If There Is Something
Because i can’t stop listening to this record, and this song makes me relate to the world.

9. Hortense Ellis- Cry Together
Because I could listen to only her for the next 5 years and be totally happy.

10. Blackout Curtain- Now It’s Overhead
Because it’s an anthem for these times from here to there, and from there to here.

MP3: The Whispertown 2000- Atlantis

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