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Vinyl Picks: Helping Build Your Collection, Three Records At A Time
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Vinyl Picks: a weekly column were we recommend three vinyl records that every When You Awake reader should own. This week, we are focusing on three obscure L.A.-based albums you might have missed unless you dig a little deeper down in those dusty used record store bins. First up, William D. Lincoln and Hamilton Wesley Watt’s A Gift From Euphoria, from 1969, an album that MOJO magazine once featured in their “Buried Treasures” section, back in 1996. This richly-produced LP combines a lot of styles, including psychedelic country-rock, folk rock, bluegrass and lushly downcast orchestral arrangements. “Sunshine Woman” (also covered in 1971 by Bernie Schwartz on his fantastic solo album, The Wheel) is one of the album’s more memorable moments. You can buy it on for $11.25. Click here to check it out.
MP3: Euphoria- Sunshine Woman

Next up, Blue Mountain Eagle’s self-titled album from 1970. This short-lived “supergroup” took their name from a newspaper published in Fox, Idaho, and their lineup originally featured former Buffalo Springfield drummer Dewey Martin, who would leave the band in November 1969, shortly before this album was released, in order to head up his own group, Dewey Martin & Medicine Ball. The lead-off track, Newman’s “Love Is Here,” kicks off with a nice fuzz guitar and soaring vocals, and Newman and Jones trading blistering power rock licks. You can buy it on for $10.34. Click here to check it out.
MP3: Blue Mountain Eagle- Love Is Here

Lastly, there’s Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest, which was originally released in 1965, on the small Los Angeles-based Surrey label. Only, there was no “Chris Lucey.” L.A.-based musician named Bobby Jameson was asked by producer Marshall Lieb to fill in as “Chris Lucey,” because the label already had album covers printed and he didn’t want them to go to waste. Jameson composed and recorded a new batch of tunes based on already existing song titles. The photo on the cover is actually Brian Jones. The biggest sonic reference point here might be Arthur Lee’s band Love’s Forever Changes but this one pre-dates Love’s sound by more than a few years. “Girl From The East” was also recorded by The Leaves, and it’s one of the album’s highlights. Enjoy. You can buy it on for $75. Click here to check it out.
MP3: Bobby Jameson (Chris Lucey)- Girl From The East

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Ouch. A $75 record is not a building block; that’s a capstone title for a refined collection. LPs between $5 and $10 can cover the essentials as well as an individual’s listening experiments. Plus, who has $75 now to drop on a single record?

Comment by Peter 08.28.10 @ 3:56 am

Always one of my favorite posts on here. Probably one of the best posts on the net. If you are a true record collector this is a post to keep checking out. If you haven’t paid $75 bucks for a rare record you’re probably still living at home with Mommy.

Comment by Bradley Jones 08.28.10 @ 5:01 am

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