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Guest Mixtape: The 405
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Oliver, the man behind one of our favorite UK-based music blogs The 405, has given us his “Twelve Songs I Would Put On Cassette If a) I Had a Cassette Player and b) I Had the Time”. The mix features tunes by Megafaun, Tallest Man on Earth, AA Bondy and more. In addition to just being an awesome blog, The 405 is currently compiling a really interesting resource for bands called The Band Guide. The object of the guide is to provide aid and information to unsigned bands: from tips on getting folks to listen to your music to a list of contact emails for friendly bloggers and music venues. It’s definitely a space worth keeping an eye on, and even submitting your input to, as it progresses. And now back to the matter at hand. Without any further ado, we are very pleased to present to you Oliver’s mixtape. Check it out after the jump!

Oliver’s Twelve Songs I Would Put On Cassette If a) I Had a Cassette Player and b) I Had the Time:

Back in my day a mixtape was what the shy boys/girls put together when they liked someone. The music was supposed to be a way of communicating some idea to that person, without actually saying it to them face-to-face and let’s face it, nothing says I love you like sixty minutes (that’s all we had to play with back then) worth of carefully chosen music.

I used to spend a lot of time thinking about exactly what sort of ‘ride’ I wanted to take the person on when they listened to the mixtape. I even plotted out graphs (true story), which is probably why I spent most of teenage years single, with only a record collection and my other mixtape making friends as company.

For as long as I can remember, which happens to be three years, I’ve been in love. It also happens to be the same amount of time my website has been running too and thus my mixtape making motivation has shifted from ‘I really hope my mixtape making skills will make you fall in love with me’ to ‘Check these fine bunch of musicians out’. So Consider this mixtape as a combination of the two. I hope you check out these bands/artists and love them as much as I do.

1. Why?- The Blackest Purse
2. Megafaun- Worried Mind
3. Maps and Atlases- Pigeon
4. 6 Day Riot- I Am You, You Are Me
5. Keaton Henson- Sarah Minor
6. Fool’s Gold- Nadine
7. Beach House- Better Times
8. The Tallest Man On Earth- Thousand Ways
9. Avi Buffalo- Can’t I Know?
10. My First Tooth- Silent Spring
11. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin- Back in the Saddle
12. AA Bondy- Mightiest of Guns

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