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Mixin’ With Josh Ritter
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Josh Ritter has given us his “Nine Songs To Trash A Hotel Room To”, featuring tunes by Lucinda Williams, King Khan and more. He’ll have loads of opportunities to do just that on his massive upcoming tour that will take him across the US and over to Europe with dates scheduled at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on February 26th and at Scala in London on April 18-19th. Ritter is also re-issuing his 2006 record, The Animal Years, this upcoming Tuesday, February 15th. The updated version of the CD and the vinyl will include a bonus disc featuring Josh performing the entire album solo acoustic, plus four studio b-sides and two videos. Check out a little taste of Josh’s acoustic stylings and his mixtape after the jump.

Josh Ritter’s Nine Songs to Trash a Hotel Room to…

1. The Pogues- Boys from the County Hell
You’re on top of the world. Your sitcom has finally been picked up, the divorce papers are in and you’ve got an icebox full of Dr.Pepper and Robitussin. Where will fate take you? Well, you’re in a Motel 6 near Galena, Illinois. If fate could take you here, it sure as hell isn’t choosey.

2. Tom Waits- Anywhere I Lay My Head
The town wasn’t much, just a short bend in a long road and you, a down-at-the-heels English dandy, thought the hotel and saloon was just as good a place as any to drink gin while you learned how to duel with pistols. Except now your optic nerves are frayed and your head hurts and you’ve lost your taste for almost everything in the world but hot air balloons,lullabyes and the hibernating habits of swallows.

3. Lucinda Williams- Atonement
You’re staying outside of Dallas at some corporate by-the-month Inn and Suites. From your window you can see the Dallas skyline, all heat and mirrors. You don’t hate your boss, he’s just trying to get paid too. But you can’t help but notice on CNN that he just sold all his own company stock and disappeared. So you get a stick of butter, a pile of *Us Weekly*s and a frying pan and you set it all on the stove top and watch the room begin fill with smoke.

4. White Stripes- Hotel Yorba
Throw it all out of the hotel room! Out the window over the edge of the railing into the common courtyard below! Get it all out there! Love letters! The Bible! The empty Boon Farms wine bottles! The neon, the mattress reclamation warnings! Get it all out! Leave the room empty. Save the In-n-Out, but just get the rest out and sit on the empty floor in an ocean of shag carpet.

5. Captain Beefheart- Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles
Of course if you want to sit in a stone-cold, barely tremoring, edge of the bed state of jittery nervous collapse, you could do worse than listen to the Captain drill your soul down deep into the San Andreas and wait for the quiet moment before the world bursts and the whole state slides out into the sea.

6. Nina Simone- I Put a Spell on You
You sit there on your balcony watching the sun go down and wondering how it is that every time Nina Simone sings you get the feeling like the sunset doesn’t want to always be so pretty, sometimes it just wants to reach through the screen window and rip your goddamn eyeballs out.

7. Hasil Adkins- Turn My Coat Tails Loose
You had been thinking about getting a sex-change for awhile, but now, tied to the matress in some little, nameless Patagonian B&B, you wonder whether it was worth it coming all this way just to save money on the medical bills and to have “an original experience.”

8. Nick Cave- Deanna
This is music for staring into mirrors by. This is about that endless moment when you wonder whether the circles under your eyes are shadows or some first step on the way towards something new. This is where you wash your face in the tiny basin and the soap leaves your cheeks squeaky and, looking up again into the reflection you see that some previous guest has drawn both a heart and a name, but all you can really tell as the condensation runs down the pane is that neither of them are yours.

9. The King Khan and BBQ Show- Captain Captain
You pull into the Knight’s Inn somewhere in New Mexico. It’s dark, the only illumination coming from your own headlights, the motel office and the adjoining Jacuzzi where a stringy couple is necking and drinking off-brand Keystone Light. From seemingly nowhere, two men come to your window and ask you to borrow a flashlight. You say you have none and they ask you to borrow a shovel. You answer again in the negative and they melt back into the big-box night.

MP3: Josh Ritter- Wolves (acoustic)

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I still need to download this but those are some awesome, hilarious write-ups!

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