Monday October 31st 2011, 3:18 pm
Last Minute Costume Ideas: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Tom Petty
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Bob Dylan costume

Stuck without a costume for tonight? These quick and easy outfits are made up of mostly household items (or things that can be easily acquired with a quick trek to the drugstore). First up, we have Bob Dylan circa The Rolling Thunder Revue. All you need for this look is a tan-colored hat with some bright flowers tucked into the band, jeans, a white shirt, a couple of  scarves thrown around your neck and about a pound of white makeup/paint slathered generously on your face.

johnny cash costumeNext up, we have Johnny Cash. For this look, you basically just need to look smart, grease back the hair and wear black head to toe.  A black guitar and a scarf would help too.

tom petty costumeLastly, we have Tom Petty circa his Mad Hatter phase. This one really only works if you have a top hat laying around, but everyone has one of those, right? To get the look, just throw on a red top hat, blazer/suit, bow tie and rectangular sunglasses and you are good to go.

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