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Snapshot: Pete Sears
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Pete Sears
Pete Sears (who played on all of Rod Stewart’s early records and was a member of Jefferson Starship) in John Cipollina’s antique gun room on King Street in Mill Valley, California in 1971. Photo taken by Michael Moore. Read about the photo in Pete’s own words after the jump.

From Pete: This is right after I finished playing the “Long John Baldry” USA tour. I came up to San Francisco from Los Angeles to start the band John and I had talked about forming before I left “Stoneground”; before I left to fly to England to record on Rod Stewart’s “Every Picture Tells A Story”.

When I arrived at John’s house he had already chosen most of the musicians, and we began rehearsing at the old white “Quicksilver” house up on the hill in Corte Madera. Ron Polte managed us. It took a while for John to come up with the band name, “Copperhead”. Ron bought us a car each at a government auction…I got an old brown Plymouth V8 that went like a bat out of hell. I slept in John’s gun room for a while…wish I still had that jacket in the photo.

We’d lie on John’s bed and try and shoot down his Christmas tree hanging by a piece of string over the stairwell…with a couple of 22’s. I’m not recommending this behavior however 🙂

We had a lot of fun at that house…driving around in John’s old Dodge Dart; meeting up with John Goddard of Village Music, or checking out Charlie Deal’s latest guitar made from a toilet seat. Sometimes the Village of Mill Valley would close off the downtown area and hold a rock concert outside the “Old Mill Tavern”…or occasionally in Boyle Park…this probably wouldn’t happen today.

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Great post!
Pete Sears…! Man! The distillation of an incredible 48 year (!!!) long writing and recording career walking around carrying his own bass… One of the nicest guys in music and the heart and soul of my favorite PB&J, no matter the kind of bread, both are slices of rock history playin’ out right now! See the Moonalice website for the March Tour, West Coast and East Coast! And the David Nelson Band is not to be missed, each show is an epoch and a sweet visit to the place where I come from! And just last week a surprise pairing with Harvey Mandel at a little club up by the Russian River… Missed it, but wow! Ah, to live in interesting times! Thank you Pete and Jeannette!

Comment by Gregg Johnson 03.06.12 @ 8:13 am

Hi Pete if you get this . Sam gopal and andy clarke are to play together again live on the 23rd at nottinghill gate . it seems andy invited mick but sam has some negative thoughts about that . To me it would be nowhere near the same without them all together and what a bonus if you were there . P

Comment by patrick lee 03.09.12 @ 1:50 pm

How are you pete . Luc gained a music degree and liam gained a psychology degree . how are your family ? p

Comment by patrick lee 03.09.12 @ 1:52 pm

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