Tuesday August 09th 2011, 1:39 am
Arts and Crafts: Jason Munn
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Last month the Alamo Draft House presented the  Texas Monthly Rolling Roadshow. The theater traveled from town to town in Texas, showing movies that were either filmed there or took place there. Graphic designer Jason Munn created 11 posters to celebrate the tour, reinterpreting movies like The Searchers and No Country for Old Men into beautiful 2-3 color screenprints. For those of us not lucky enough to be in Texas to enjoy both the experience and pick up a poster of their favorite films (mine is Hud BTW), you can find them on Jason’s site. The majority sold out quickly, but there’s still a few left. I highly suggest you grab one of these limited edition dudes before it’s too late.

Friday June 24th 2011, 11:18 am
Tonight in LA: Willie & Snoop Tribute Art Show
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While not usually a fan of pop-culture themed art shows,  I got a kick about this one. Two unlikely friends, bonded over the love of…well you know. I’ll be the one buying every piece of Willie Nelson art on the walls, be sure to say hi. Opening reception is tonight from 8 pm – midnight at the R&R Gallery in Los Angeles. To get you in the mood, enjoy this video of the last time Snoop and Willie were thrown together. Pure magic.  More details about the show are after the jump.

YouTube Preview Image Snoop Dogg – My Medicine ft. Willie Nelson


Thursday February 17th 2011, 6:17 am
Arts and Crafts: Mike Sportes
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In this day and age of computer generated album art and tee shirt design, the work of Mike Sportes is a refreshing and much needed addition to the art world. His art nouveau influenced images are mind-blowing in their complexity and after years of drawing skillful doodles, flyers, and smutty t-shirts,   he’s now devoting his time to hand drawing images for band merch as well as personal projects. He counts folks like Jenny Lewis, The Chapin Sisters and Dawes among his list of fans and clients. You can always find Mike at his shop Filth Mart, Tuesday- Sunday. Orginally located on 13th Street in NYC, the shop has since relocated to sunny West Hollywood where you can purchase his original tee designs as well as loads of killer vintage tees you can’t find elsewhere (a proper post on FM is on its way). Check out more of his work after the jump.

Friday January 28th 2011, 11:47 am
Arts and Crafts: Arms Out
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Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles will be presenting Arms Out, a new show by Echo Park based artist Mel Kadel, from February 5th through March 5th.  Mel uses stained papers, .005 pens, hand-mixed washes and blades to create images of women overcoming peril in all sorts of situations. She hand cuts thick layers of paper and collages them to make her work both delicate and dimensional, her patterned pieces form landscapes that are at times surreal, tears forming oceans, and women turned into patchwork quilts.

Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat says of Kadel’s work, “Mel goes so hard on her work it’s a wonder she hasn’t fallen in. Actually, I think if you look close enough you’ll see a piece of her in every picture. No joke.” The opening reception, which is open to the public, will be on Saturday, February 5 from 8–11pm. Check out more of her work after the jump.

Friday October 08th 2010, 10:58 am
Arts and Craft: Deedee Cheriel’s Abracadabra
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Stop by the Merry Karnowsky Gallery tomorrow, Saturday, October 9th for the opening of Deedee Cheriel’s new exhibition, ABRACADABRA. Cheriel, who began her art career creating record covers for the Oregon music scene in the early ’90s, has previously shown in galleries in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, London and Melbourne.

Using acrylic paint on wood and paper, her work focuses on “the tedious dramas of her real-life Los Angeles social circle where boyfriend stealing friends, narcissistic hippies, do-gooders, and intellectuals are anthropomorphized into a surreal world of random theatre.”

Opening Reception: October 9, 2010 (8 – 11pm)
Merry Karnowsky Gallery
170 S. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036
*Also exhibiting that night: Mark Whalen (Kill Pixie) in Paralleled Opposites

Monday September 20th 2010, 10:15 am
Arts and Crafts: Bob Dylan, The Painter
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Denmark’s Statens Museum for Kunst is currently hosting an exhibition of over 40 never before seen acrylic paintings by the one and only Bob Dylan. Dylan, who has been painting since the 60s, created all of the pieces specifically for the gallery. “The Brazil Series” focuses on places he visited during several trips to Brazil, including shots of city life, beaches, farms and the slums. In a press release for the museum, Dylan explains:  “I chose Brazil as a subject because I have been there many times and I like the atmosphere.”

The exhibit, unfortunately is currently being panned by the critics. Art history professor Peter Brix Soendergaard, for example, stated: “Bob Dylan paints like any other amateur, using a rather oafish figurative style. He is what we used to call a Sunday painter.” Ouch! Maybe he should stick to songwriting and album covers? “The Brazil Series” runs throught January 30th. What do you think of his paintings? Let us know in the comment after the jump.

Monday September 13th 2010, 6:57 am
Arts and Crafts: Wes Lang
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It’s finally happened, after ages of trying to source Wes Lang material from other sites he’s finally up and started his own blog. If you’re not familiar with Lang’s artwork, it’s best described as all the best and worst parts of this great land of ours showcased by meticulous pencil drawings, collages and more. With past shows titled “Are You Ready For the Country?” “I Shall Be Released” and “Going All The Way for the U.S.A.,” Wes’ world is one filled with Bourbon, Waylon, Transcendentalism, and sexy ladies looking for a good time.

In his own words Lang comes across as a storyteller, weaving truth with myth and his own imaginings to create a visual history. “I like to take American history and then completely ignore it. I come at it visually, taking images and telling my own story. It comes out of criticism and great love. There are problems [with America], and we all know that, but I’m attracted to the dark side of things.”

While a lot of his work is NSFW,  enjoy a safe assortment after the jump. If you’d like to delve deeper into Wes Lang’s work you can view select pieces on his blog or enjoy a short video with the artist on the Interview website.