Top 7 Attractions You Can Visit in Münster in 2023

Münster is a place you must visit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tourist or a German citizen or even a local. Unlike any other city, Münster is not just about natural attractions or skyscrapers. It offers you a lot more than that. You’ll get to see artificial lakes, great events, and cheerful celebrations for each and every festival. Bicycling enthusiasts would be happy to know that this city has cycling-friendly roads, the environment, and rules as well. 

Apart from these, the vibes you will get here are unparalleled in any city in the world. The architecture you will get to see here will amaze you. Every construction, every building, and every house has been designed in a way, it’ll stay with you till you can remember them. The amazing Münster hotels will further enhance your travel experience. So you should not forget to explore the hotels you stay in. Enjoy the friendliness and warmth the locals and even the hotel staff greet you with on your vacation as well.  

The western side of the country where Münster is located has seen Catholic Prince-Bishopric rulership for a long time. This has shaped the city in a way, you’ll be amazed by the number of churches and cathedrals you’ll get to see here. Here, the historical monuments, museums, and historical malls are great places of attraction too. 

So if you’re looking to explore the attractions of this city, here are the ones you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Allwetterzoo Münster

Alwetterzoo is the perfect place for you to go out with your family and spend some time with them. Found in 1875, this zoo is located near Lake Aasee. Tagging your children along would be the best decision for you and your kids.  Here, you can spot around 3000 different animals of 300 different species.  There are other attractions too like the Research lab, Turtle Conservation Centre, BioCity, and a Biodiversity exhibition center too. 

There’s enough space to plan a nice picnic with your family and friends. It also has an aquarium and a huge greenhouse too. So if you’re looking for a nice outing on a Sunday afternoon, Allwetterzoo is one the best places that you can explore.


This is the best point to start your Münster tour. You’ll get to see secular buildings with eye-catching Gothic-style architecture. After World War II, the city was rebuilt. Although it has lost much of its glory, it has been built way more stylishly than earlier. It’s a landmark for not one but more than a couple of neighborhood places. Townhouse tower, St. Lambert Church, City hall, and the Cathedral, to name a few. You can find info about the history of the city and other surrounding places at the back of the City Hall.

Münster Cathedral

This is considered the most important church in entire Germany. This is a great place if you want to go out for a short visit to a church with beautiful architecture but, if you want to learn about the history of the place and the church, you will have to create ample time for it. 

St. Lambert’s Church

One of the wonderful things to visit in Münster is St Lambert’s Church. On the Northern side of the primary market square, it has a beautiful Roman Catholic structure. The church was built after World War II, in the fourteenth century. It was renovated and repaired as well. You get an amazing view of the Gothic Tower, the well-known thing in the church. 

Three baskets and cages hanging from the tower add beauty to it. The backstory of the church dates back to 1536. Jan van Leiden, Bernd Krechting, along with Bernd Knipperdolling were tortured and murdered for leading the popular Münster rebellion. Their bodies were hanged here for more than 50 years. These cages are reminders of one of the most terrifying protestants revolutions in history. The tower being guided by a watchman at night is a tradition here for 630 years. 

Other Popular churches include: 

  • Uberwasserkirche: A gothic catholic church beautifully designed amidst trees
  • St Clemen’s Church: Sit in the open spaces of the benches surrounding the church. 
  • St. Ludegri Church: One of the most beautiful architectures in the city.

Burg Hulshoff

This water castle is impossible to miss as it is the birthplace of the famous poet and author Annette von Droste. The first reports of its existence date back to the 11th century. Since then, this place has been restored many times. A peek into the interiors of this place will give you a good idea of the merchant nobility lifestyle in Münster. Any trip to Münster is incomplete without a visit to Burg Hulshoff.

Lake Aasee

For all the members of the boating club, this is something you must not miss out on. Easily hire a pedal boat there and enjoy the picturesque lake. If you are someone who loves peace and tranquility, Around this huge man-made lake, nice walking paths are constructed which are ideal for some light physical exercise too.  On the front side, it is filled with trees and art put out for public display. The lake has a raised terrace on the north side. On a sunny day, there’s nothing more you need to relax and unwind. 

Münster City Hall

The City Hall is a place to know all you can about Münster. If you’re in the city, it’s impossible to miss this beautiful architectural construction. The Pinnacles, gables, widows, and arches are an experience you’d never forget. It is also one of the most beautifully constructed buildings in Germany that are open to the public. The Peace treaty of Westphalia was made in one of the theaters of this hall giving it the ‘Halls of Peace’  pseudonym. 


With all this information and so many places to go to, Münster will definitely be one of your favorite tourist destinations.

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